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Chris Jackson is the author of several books, including: Flash + After Effects, Flash Cinematic Techniques, and Flash 3D: Animation, Interactivity, and Games which have all been translated into foreign languages. His scholarly work has been featured in Animation Magazine and at Adobe MAX. Read about Chris' published work.

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Flash + After Effects:
2nd Edition

This is a second edition to Chris Jackson's popular Flash + After Effects book. This edition provides new exercises for designers to understand After Effects toolset using professional techniques that raise the design bar for broadcast, the Web, or DVD authoring. Chris authored, illustrated, and designed the book. It has been translated into foreign languages, featured at Adobe MAX, and cited in Adobe's user manuals as a resource for learning about exporting SWF files.

Flash + After Effects book cover Flash + After Effects keyframe exercise Flash + After Effects dynamic typography example Flash + After Effects character animation example Flash + After Effects text on a path example Flash + After Effects Korean translated edition
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